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:sudo make install<br><br>
:sudo make install<br><br>
== Collect-view on Sky motRPL DODAGes ==
== Collect-view on Tmote-Sky ==
== Configuring the sniffer for real time capture ==
== Configuring the sniffer for real time capture ==
== Results ==  
== Results ==  

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You will learn

In this tutorial you will enable Contiki to sniff 6LoWPAN packets and visualize a real time wireless sensor network (WSN) in an interactive environment of Foren6. You will deploy UDP server-client IPv6 example on multiple Tmote-Sky and sniff the communication channel on one of the Tmote-Sky. You will install Foren6 and learn how to integrate a Tmote-sky with real-time diagnosis tool.

Foren6: A 6LoWPAN Diagnosis tool

Real layout of WSN

Foren6 is an effort to provide a non-intrusive 6LoWPAN network analysis tool. It leverages passive sniffer devices to reconstruct a visual and textual representation of network information to support real-world Internet of Things applications where other means of debug (cabled or network-based monitoring) are too costly or impractical.

  • Foren6 uses sniffers to capture 6LoWPAN traffic and renders the network state it in a GUI.
  • Foren6 captures all RPL-related information and identifies abnormal behaviors.
  • Multiple sniffers can be combined for extended coverage.
  • Rewind the packet capture history, replay a previous packet trace and navigate through different overlays to pinpoint problems.

Foren6 Installation guide


  • System with Linux/MacOS X


  • Dependencies
sudo apt-get install -y libqt4-dev qt4-qmake cmake make libexpat1-dev tshark libpcap0.8-dev libc6-dev g++ gcc

  • Get the Source
git clone https://github.com/cetic/foren6.git

  • Install Foren6
cd foren6
sudo make install

Collect-view on Tmote-Sky

Configuring the sniffer for real time capture



More about Foren6, Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oildt3x6htw

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