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List of Tutorials

Disclaimer: Please note that the following tutorials are a work in progress. Use at your own risk.


  1. Installation
  2. Hello World
  3. Broadcast Example
  4. Collect View
  5. Contiki build system
  6. Interfacing with Python
  7. Sensor acquisition (light, temperature, humidity)
  8. Timers Tim, Leo

Need review

  1. CFS-Coffee Kevin
  2. Cooja Simulator (Getting started, debugging) Pedro
  3. Network Stack Yash
  4. RPL UDP Jiahao Liang


  1. Tutornet Pedro, Kwame
  2. CSMA Tim, Leo
  3. RSS measurement Nitin
  4. RPL objective function & simulation using DGRM model in cooja Ashwini Telang
  5. MAC protocols in ContikiOS Pedro
  6. RPL Border Router Chhavi
  7. REST example running on Cooja and Sky motes Mrunal Muni
  8. Trickle library Subhashini Sundaresan
  9. Packetbuffer Basics Pradipta
  10. Antelope(Database Management System) - Contiki Gopi Krishna
  11. Mobility of Nodes in Cooja Pratyush Deshpande
  12. Contiki Shell Abhilash Nagaraj Hegde
  13. Contiki Coffee File System Zhikun Liu
  14. Contiki Programming Guide Haimo Bai
  15. Analyse of a real 6LoWPAN network using a Contiki-based sniffer module Yash Goyal
  16. Build your own application in Contiki Nitin

Be sure to include references in your tutorials, especially if you quote material from other sites!