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This tutorial aims at introducing the Cooja Simulator and guiding the reader in a simple debugging exercise. We are going to work with Hello World example for the debugging process. You can also study the Hello_World tutorial to get familiar with its source code.

You Will Learn

  • How to run Cooja Simulator.
  • How to debug an application using Cooja Simulator.

Relevant Directories

  • /contiki/tools/cooja/ - This folder has Cooja Simulator source code. You can run Cooja inside this directory.
  • /contiki/examples/hello-world/ - This has the source code of Hello World example.

Running Cooja Simulator

Cooja Simulator is a network simulator specifically designed for Wireless Sensor Networks. A summary of how Cooja executes nodes binaries and a few details about its structure can be found on this website:[1].

The simples way of running Cooja is executing it inside its own directory (we will see later how to execute Cooja from any working directory):

cd contiki/tools/cooja ant run

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