Welcome to the WebPage of What's Playing?

This is the webpage of our Final project titled "What's Playing?" done as a part of EE579 coursework at University of Southern California (USC) under the guidance of Professor Bhaskar Krishnamachari.

This aim of this project was to create a multimedia sharing android application with peer-to-peer as its backbone technology. In this project we have an android application and a centralized server as the main components. The main GUI of our application provides options such as Register, GoLive and Invisible followed by further features such as Find Friends, My Favorites, Request a File etc. The server is a multi-threaded server capable of handling all the messages coming simultaneously from the mobile clients. The intricate details regarding application design and architecture can be found in the Project Report given in the links on this page.

Link Description
The "Work Distribution" shows the responsibilities handled by each of the team member, "Project Report" provides the entire project report and the complete report is downloadable as a pdf document by selecting the "Download Report" option. The "Video Links" provides videos demonstrating the different features and functionalities of our android application and "Source Code" redirects to the GitHub repository containing the source code of the entire project. The group members involved in this project were: Ameya Pethkar, Himanshu Gupta and Omkar Chavan , Masters in Electrical Engineering students at University of Southern California (USC).

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