Bridging offices..


Project Description

User Identification System is a system developed to enable communication between invited guests in a meeting carried over at multiple locations. The unique aspect of the project is that it does not use any network provider which is generally expensive. This system involves android phones and Mikrotik router connected to internet as the base setup. We have developed an android phone app which the users can use to communicate with other guests without having their contact number or email ID. This application also allows us to share contact details based on permission from user. The users can send and receives messages and contact information which can be used during the meeting period. The application communicates with the local server for its handling and verification. The Mikrotik routers help us in creating a local WLAN by assigning the devices an IP from a selected pool range. The EOIP Interface built in them helps the two routers connected across the internet to form a Layer 2 broadcast network. The servers located on either locations exchange the list of invited guests and their contact details to enable user interaction between the two sites. Hence this system finds use in office meetings where common data can be handed over to the users on their phone and the users can communicate with one another via messages and share contact Information.

Network Setup