Ticketless Parking Structure

USC EE579 Final Project Group10

Our ticketless parking system is to implement low-power Tmote Sky in the parking structure to detect parking space utilization. Users can use our android mobile app to register and reserver a parking spot prior to his or her arrival.

Our server is running java program on Ubuntu. We use five motes as the sender. They are placed in five spots. Server will receive packets from these motes. If a mote is covered by the car, the signal will drop significantly due to the light change. Hence, we could easily get the states of every parking space.

The user side is android app. User could register and reserve the parking space. It communicates with the server using socket. The server will check the status table and return the first available space number to the user or inform user that parking is full.

Since Tmote Sky is an ultra-low power sensor module, it's energy-saving. Moreover, users get the parking information in advance, our system definitely saves much more time.

Please check our demo video here!
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