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This exercise is to familiarize the user with the collect view app provided in the Contiki OS source code. It basically involves a sink mote and one or more than one source motes. The source motes send their sensor, network, power and node properties to the sink. A java app presents all this compiled data in a graphical manner.

You Will Learn

  • How to upload an introductory code for UDP source and sink.
  • Things to see on the collect view gui.

Relevant Directories

  • /contiki/examples/collect/ - This has the shell code for collect view and the various targets.
  • /contiki/examples/ipv6/rpl-collect/ - This has the codes which are to be uploaded to the source and sink motes for UDP communication.
  • /contiki/tools/collect-view/ - This contains the java file for the collect view GUI.
  • /contiki/apps/collect-view - This contains the codes corresponding to the targets mentioned in the examples folder.