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There are basically three way of installing Contiki and getting started:

  • Download Instant Contiki [1]
  • Download ContikiOS from Sourceforge repository [2]
  • Clone ContikiOS from Github repository [3]

Installing Contiki using Instant Contiki

This is the easiest way of installing and using ContikiOS. You simply need to download Instant Contiki, which is a virtual machine created with all necessary toolchains and software for Contiki development.

Link to download Instant Contiki: [4]

After downloading Instant Contiki you need also to download either VMWare Player or VirtualBox, if you are using Windows as your host OS. If you use MacOS X you should download VMWare Fusion, instead of VMWare Player.

IMPORTANT: To login in to Instant Contiki: username: user passwork: user

Installing ContikiOS from Sourceforge repository

First step consists of downloading ContikiOS and unzipping it inside your preferred folder.

<CSO_Source>c test </CSO_Source>

Installing ContikiOS from Github repository