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Secretary: Kwame

Meeting summary:

Professor Bhaskar gave us his wishlist. See a brief outline at Wishlist.

We got the Contiki oscilloscope up and running, and played around with it using two motes.

For next week:

Suvil is going to investigate options for a mailing list and also get the issue with uploading images to the wiki fixed.

Nikhil will set up a Google Drive share for us to use for prototyping our tutorials when appropriate. It would allow for us to collaboratively edit in real-time and provide us all the conveniences of a modern word processor (spell check, etc.) We should probably discuss this more next time.

Yash will spend the time catching up and going through our existing tutorials.

Lakshmi has graciously volunteered to present Cristian's algorithm to us.

Nikhil, Bhavana, Rahul, and Deepanker will start a new tutorial for using the Oscilloscope.

Kevin will explore methods for on-board data storage on the sky mote, both volatile and non-volatile.

Pedro, Suvil, and Kwame will work on running Contiki on the testbed and starting a tutorial. Also, thinking about how we can refactor some of our theoretical tutorials to be more activity oriented.

Everyone should update their tutorials to include the primary contributors. Perhaps somewhere at the end.


Secretary: Pedro

Meeting summary:

Lakshmi presented the paper Probabilistic Clock Synchronization We had a very interesting discussion about the terms and concepts behind synchronization and clock in network nodes. We might in the future see how this algorithm can be implemented in a WSN or check whether its main ideas are already implemented in the "Implicit network time synchronization", present in ContikiOS ([1])

Everyone gave an updated about what have been done during last week. We have some material for two tutorials: the Oscilloscope and Coffee File System. This material is yet in the Google Doc create for prototyping and should be posted in the Wiki soon.

Kwame guided the group in the first 4 sessions of ContikiOS Crash Course File:Seniot09cccc-notes.pdf. We played with LEDs and push button. This example should give a new tutorial on how to use all the sensors/actuators (light, temperature, push button, etc.) on the motes.

We decided that each week one person will be responsible for creating this meeting log, so everyone can keep track of what has been discussed every week. Below we have the expected date of our next meetings and a tentative assignment.

For next week:

Kevin will give a brief talk about Coffee file system and show us the material he obtained and the tutorial he started to write.

Yash will start to study and collect material about processes and protothreads. He may give a talk about these topics in two weeks.

Nikhil, Bhavana, Rahul, and Deepanker will keep working on the Oscilloscope tutorial.

Pedro and Kwame will start to work on the Tutornet testbed.

Suvil will fix some issues we are facing in the Wiki with code formatting and help us with account creation/setup of the testbed.


Secretary: Suvil

Meeting summary:

Kevin gave a presentation about Coffee File System. He showed the main interface and functions that can be used by Tmote Sky. He also showed an example where a node was programmed to create and write 3 different files on Flash Memory and after reboot output the content of the files reading then from the memory. The presentation slides can be found here:[] and the example code can be found here:[]. He started to create a tutorial on Coffee on the shared Doc file and you may create a tutorial about this topic in our Wiki soon.

We went through the example in: examples/rime/example-neighbors.c, suggested by Bhavana. Basically this example makes all node generate beacons and create a list of neighbors of each node. It prints out the list of neighbors with the corresponding RSSI value.

For next week:

We should continue to work on the tutorials, trying to polish and review them for final publication.


Secretary: Leo


Secretary: Nikhil


Secretary: Rahul


Secretary: Yash


Secretary: Deepanker


Secretary: Kevin


Secretary: Timothy


Secretary: Leo