Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things is a rapidly progressing field which is redefining the way people interact with their environment and with each other. With applications in a variety of areas, including healthcare, transportation networks, and industrial systems, IoT deployment will have a substantial impact on society in the years to come. Here at ANRG, we are developing a variety of algorithms and protocols to facilitate efficient operation of IoT devices. Our works span the whole spectrum of the network stack, from the application layer down to physical layer.

We also maintain the Tutornet testbed, one of the first low-power IoT testbeds in the world. Thanks to Tutornet, we have been able to implement and test our protocols and algorithms in real environments, providing provable results for the IoT research developed by our group.


PI/Director: Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Ph.D. Students:
Jason Tran
Pradipta Ghosh
Pedro Henrique Gomes
Nachikethas A. Jagadeesan
Kwame-Lante Wright

Gowri Sankar Ramachandran

Thomas Watteyne (Inria, France)
Edmond Jonckheere (USC)
Antonio Ortega (USC)


  • In-network Data Processing Frameworks
  • TSCH Scheduling Protocol
  • Multi-Channel Collection Protocol
  • Backpressure Control Protocol (BCP)
  • Heat Diffusion Collection Protocol
  • Tutornet: a low-power wireless IoT testbed




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